Photos of everything I find beautiful or interesting.
Photos all by Alisa Sadilek
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a collection of observations
living with too much hope
worries my fragile, broken heart
what if I can’t pull back together?
what if I’m forever lost
the possibilities open up
with a clear mind
and a working heart
broken, yet still whole
alive, yet not here
ripped apart, but I will mend
awaken, arise
my heart wants to fly
pulled away, with the change
maybe I’ll get away
as the world dims,
the juxtaposition of light and dark
creates a world
where life and death balances out
too fast, like a blur
the world passes me by
but when I focus on one point
I lose all sense of time
trapped, enclosed
but striving to live
I feel like I’m dying
I feel like I’m fighting
spreading my wings
so I can start to fly
left to realize
I can’t being to try
lightly touching, holding hands
waiting to reach another
hoping to meet each other
before we fall apart 
and lose ourselves 
from being not near, together
submerged, my mind
bogged down, with time
I hope to rise, I hope to find
a way to make it, at least,
in this time