Photos of everything I find beautiful or interesting.
Photos all by Alisa Sadilek
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a collection of observations
on and on 
but with an end
just not easily seen
there is nothing to do
but keep on walking
and waiting for a change
that may or may not
come to me
when I was unable, to find myself
you told me to look just below
the surface.
and when I did, all I saw was
a slow simmer, just waiting
to explode and only then
would I find the true me
tell me why
can’t I
try to fly
when the world
holds me 
back from 
what I see
there is nothing
that drives me more
insane than knowing
I’m nothing 
the distance here
entangles me in your snare
I am left lying awake
in fear of what may come
for I know not 
if your trap holds me alone
these demons lie ahead
on a path that I would believe
so beautiful; and yet
there are hills, up and down
we find ourselves, hiding
and no longer who we want
to be as soul
a contained tragedy
wrapped in clean packaging
we confine ourselves to
these little outbursts of
gently we pull ourselves
to a sweete reverie
holding you, too sincere
the world has its pains
but you wash them all away
climbing higher
until I fall
my emotions grow 
and wane with it all
there isn’t any hope
for I’m inextricably tied
to the flow of life
you wander in and out
of my heart and each time
I’m left with a bigger
hole where you had a hold
broken, shattered
transcending the boundaries
we fight on, only to lose
ourselves in this 
inevitable struggle