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Photos all by Alisa Sadilek
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a collection of observations
the darkness threatens to
hide the flaws that you
so desperately try 
to hide from yourself and those
who might be able to
see you for who you are
your lies cannot wash out
the hidden little secrets 
that you so carefully keep
the stillness 
the calm
the surrounding of my soul
tranquil, like dawn
leaves me open to your serenity
the fear, the shame
of letting someone in
becomes something I
can’t quite let be
and I struggle against your
tenuous claim
I wrap your arms around me
and I come to find
that the tenderness pulls
me into your embrace
and my heart settles into
a steady calm
like fingers around my throat
you grab hold of my heart
squeezing what could be left
and taking what isn’t
while I sit here
watching the distance
looking for some answer
that I know will never come
the raindrops keep falling
until they are pouring
just like my thoughts
never any answers, 
only ever questions
nothing to go on
nothing but to live on
our lives intertwine
I’ve become so muddled
in trying to find myself
from the pieces we share
and the pains we bare
please don’t leave me 
so hollow inside
flooded with unwanted
desires and aspirations
yet when the waters recede
my heart is left to bleed
drying out from the loss
and you, know to hold my hand
for without it I can’t stand
on my own two feet. 
It’s not that I’m not strong
merely that I need to hold on
and tether myself to here.
For I, might blow away
or drift across the land
out of an endless wanderlust
so don’t let go of my hand
you grow up so slowly
but really times passes quickly
and before you even know it
you’re old and tired, still
living through your ages
gives you so many choices
to keep holding on until
there is no more time 
and you’ve come to the line
that once it’s crossed
can never be undone
gathering storms
shedding tears in the rain
what’s left is an emptiness
what’s left is in vain
of clinging to 
some desperate wish