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a collection of observations
left too soon I cry out
as I continue falling down
while I am falling I can no longer
see where I am and my axes swap
and I enjoy the chance to change
too soon for you to leave
but there is nothing that can
change the flow of time
and it continues all at once
overwhelming our senses
we try to, find some kind
of way to, simplify
while you can’t see 
there is a shadow 
looming over, 
watching silently
as our lives die
there could be a chance
but which one is it?
I’ve searched the many, possibilities
each one moving at its own pace
pulled in different directions
all heading the same way
my answers are 
to look out and 
find them within
it keeps on falling down
washing my heart clean
with the pressure of these walls,
building, up to something that 
changes me, and I am no longer
who I thought I was
I know you
the temporal 
the transient
yet shining brightly
if only for a second
only half alive
I’ll wake from this cold
the pain I’ve felt
been numbed for so long
so maybe I can finally 
be free from these chains
of feeling nothing
moving along a set of motions 
but there is truly no rhyme 
or reason for you to understand
but there is, for me
slowly creeping in
seeping to my shadows
and tearing me apart
rending my heart from soul