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a collection of observations
My second photo on tumblr ^_^
My first post and at the time I did not attach poems. 
I see your pain 
it comes crashing down
though there is nothing
I could have done
to stop the anguish you feel
it rolls off
your heart in thundering waves
what can I do, to help you
I am at a loss
all that’s clear is how
you want the world to burn
I tremble at your words
the very heart I hold 
shivers beneath the heat
that comes off your lips
though it is ever too brief
we’ve built ourselve upon
layers and layers that hide
the pieces who begin to crack
so fragile are the walls I’ve built
I only hope that no one knows
how easily I will break
2 years!
blurred and yet sharp
there is no difference
when indifference takes hold
but the truth is still there
when you open your thoughts
and let what you see 
become what you behold
Over on yonder ridge
there lies the hope
that clings to your heart
giving you the strength
to continue on
stark contrast in my thoughts
hold a certain sway 
to battle all the odds
if only I could see 
in the shifting colors
that blur reality