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Photos all by Alisa Sadilek
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a collection of observations
I walk a million lies
and though my heart cries
each step that I walk
carries me on
swaying in the lines
I feel trapped inside
and though there should be a way
I can’t seem to escape
there is
an answer I’m looking for
it looks me in the eyes
and says its goodbyes
before leaving me
there is a chance
although it may be small
that we could go on
but I’m not sure if 
it’s what I even want
allowing myself to stretch out
and reach for others
I find myself living for not just me
but also you, and I want to
finding faults with everyone
while you’re so torn
you attitude is so disgusting
if only you knew
you make me sick, 
and while you may seem
so beautiful, so great
I am just me, I don’t hide
maybe only then would you
start to see what I see
we fall at the worst times
pulling those who 
are around us, down with us
our descent drags on
and only if we could
speed up the process of time
then maybe we’d be free
your misery is frozen
along with, all of your emotions
you’re so cold, you’re heartless
the chilling words come from a place
that has no soul, you’re the kind
of person who, ruins others hearts
if only I could work
like I am supposed to
I’d get a job and have a home
live a life, that is not my own
I’m told all these ways 
that are supposed to make my life
easier; and I can’t seem to grasp
the concept; there must be something
I am doing wrong
for if only I could work, like I’m supposed to,
then maybe everything would be fine
I wait for 
a day that I no longer
can hold onto
I pray that it happens sooner
I face my own death
with every waking breath
I can’t let go quite yet
but I can’t seem to
hold on anymore
I’m trapped between 
dying and living beautifully