Photos of everything I find beautiful or interesting.
Photos all by Alisa Sadilek
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a collection of observations
delicate like
the petal of a 
dying flower
whose life has not quite
left it
pounding around
thoughts bleed out
into an amalgamation
of jumbled words
and torn out notions
simple phrases pour
from jagged lines
disconnected and left
to drown out in pain
though you come
rushing in to save the day
there is nothing left
for my soul abandoned my heart
when I decided that I should
continue loving you
I look up to your guiding light
though the road may
take more ways than I
once understood they could
I will follow you
down any path you take
even if they don’t make sense 
or leave me lost 
I know that you’re there
Long Overdue
and with each step
I find myself
heading deeper into
the unknown 
and though I can
see into its depths
there is still some
unknown parts left
hidden too far
swirling tempests 
of man’s desire
consume, invade
dragging you into
a quagmire
light flickers through
darkened paths
for there are places
I’d rather not pass
though we may find 
ourselves lying
in the beds we’ve made
I know that we can
take the next step
to climb out
we are not stuck
spring is in the air
and with it comes
a deep seeded desire
to create and become