Photos of everything I find beautiful or interesting.
Photos all by Alisa Sadilek
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a collection of observations
creating new walls
to block out the noise
closing out the world
in all its beautiful
demise of my soul
pulled in different 
I can’t settle down
lost among the crowd
of a million voices 
that scream and shout
my heart can’t sort it out
never letting go
a shadow
catches hold
and places itself 
every thought
like it has its 
own mind
desperation dances
at the corners of my mind
giving way to endless worry
and hoping for sublime
endings to my problems
like the closing of a day
holds the chance to make a change
and do little to fray
my already broken whispers
threading into my waking fears
dredging up long forgotten years 
pulling myself through layers
of lies and locked doors
gathering my strength to open
a new path for me to see
and while I create my own way
I find myself destroying
the very road I came from
without even knowing
the damage that I’ve caused
with the wreckage by desires
that cannot be fulfilled 
you pour your filth in layers
knowing how your hate piles high
filling all the voids
packing tight with added lies
and cries of false insult
insinuated by your eyes
piled high like kisses 
to concealhidden lies
maybe with
a certain distraction
you can cover up
your pathetic tries
to smooth over
your deceptive nature
what appears
as a perfect reflection
only seems so from far away
as you get closer to 
the mirrored surface
you’ll find the truth
that while one looks
similar to 
the other is not, 
a perfect copy
merely a another form
of the same design
holding hands
we act as one
sharing hearts
being in tune
to each others
needs and wants
while being you
venom drips from your lips
discouraging me from speaking
weighing down my every move
I wait cautiously before making
any steps that will proceed
to have my soul stripped from me
by the painful lashing thoughts
that strip me into an empty heart