Photos of everything I find beautiful or interesting.
Photos all by Alisa Sadilek
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a collection of observations
and you, know to hold my hand
for without it I can’t stand
on my own two feet. 
It’s not that I’m not strong
merely that I need to hold on
and tether myself to here.
For I, might blow away
or drift across the land
out of an endless wanderlust
so don’t let go of my hand
I’m tired of these faces 
watching me struggle
as I pull myself, up from
these wastelands full of
hatred and still
I can’t seem to get where
I need to and there is
only a tenuous grasp
on a fragile space yet
I struggle still
pulling myself through layers
of lies and locked doors
gathering my strength to open
a new path for me to see
and while I create my own way
I find myself destroying
the very road I came from
without even knowing
the damage that I’ve caused
with the wreckage by desires
that cannot be fulfilled 
venom drips from your lips
discouraging me from speaking
weighing down my every move
I wait cautiously before making
any steps that will proceed
to have my soul stripped from me
by the painful lashing thoughts
that strip me into an empty heart
a loneliness crawls
up from the depths of 
my isolated heart
it branches out
touching all the parts
that I can no longer show
pulling me further down
a million bleeding hearts
left in the wake 
of the seemingly beautiful
only to find
something so rotten at the roots
I cling to the tendrils
of the heartstrings left to me
pulling them farther and farther
dragging them to the depths 
slowly dying within my grasp
blinding me to all I see
for I want to drown in your hands
admit that the growth
isn’t something that holds
you back from change
but rather pushes you 
urges you, to move forward
and up and finally we can
be more than who we currently are

personally I strive to be
something more than destiny
climbing higher in my mind
pushing farther than what binds
me to the world so attached to me
maybe then I’ll be truly free
the sway of those who mean so much
gathers strength within my heart
changing thoughts I thought I knew
into something not so true
to the person who is not you
nor is me in personality