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Photos all by Alisa Sadilek
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a collection of observations
the stages of grief 
change me into a new person
suddenly I’m lost
and then in the next moment
I’m dead
I can’t separate myself from
the countless lies I’ve told
lost in a quagmire I designed
to trap those who I dared to ensare
only to find myself trapped
by the very world I built
unforgettable, I’ve stayed
only holding on to
a slowly fragile state
soon my emotions will be 
dried and they’ll break
with the gentlest breeze
if we could work together
instead of as a mass 
of individuals, we could find
there may be reason to
live side by side
desperation holds me
close to the warmth
only you provide
and without you
I might die, for
if I don’t have these
connections attaching me
to the world
I’d let it go
and everything would
fall away
humans seem to form
clusters of hate
and though they may
seem to be the best of friends
there lies this darkness
at the roots and it spreads
infecting each other
An incredibly old shot for me. -_-
dancing at the edges
of where my sanity lies
my words come jumbled
and full of the lies
I tell myself to keep calm
and the desperation
that clings to me
my heart sags
with the weight of loss
and the change of time
things will never come back
and I am left here
wishing for impossibilities
fades out
washes away
I cry out
and my
long shadows
obscure truth
from reality